Top-quality food tailored to your requirements

We have been representing unique food producers for years. 

If you are looking for the highest world quality and 

low-processing product, we will prepare a special product for you, 

adapting it to the needs of your business. 

Selected innovative products always on time

We know how quickly trends on the retail market are changing. 

We focus on modern specialized products. We can quickly prepare and supply 

your network with the product you need at any given time.

Implementation of a full business model and POS arrangement

We have solutions for fast food restaurants, confectioneries and ice cream parlours, 

small or bigger stores, which plan to increase their revenue and added value, 

as well as chains targeted at selling only our product.

Quality control and product repeatability

The principle of long-term trade and satisfaction of the final customer is 

the repeatability of the product. We verify tests and certificates of both 

the product and assess whether they meet the requirements of target markets. 

We can check for you whether a product can be introduced to your market, 

as well as prepare documentation and provide the required tests regularly.

Export of products

We are also helping our partners to provide other necessary products. 

Using our know-how, knowledge of customs procedures and, above all, speed, 

we can quickly and competitively deliver the other products you need, 

guaranteeing a smooth transaction and adapting the product to your needs 

and the formal requirements of your target market.