The highest ice cream from the machine

Twist ice cream is a unique concept. Ice cream are being served with special dedicated machines, the best
and most durable.The result is high and very curly ice cream – much different from typical soft ice cream.

• high profit margin
• low production costs
• short time of serving (15 seconds per portion)
• 3000 portions per day

The “show” is crucial in the sales process, because potential clients see the uniqueness of our product and they get interestedand attracted, finally satisfying their need to try it.

short time
of serving
3000 portions
per day

variety of flavors

Whole milk of the highest quality
full of milk
full of milk
full of milk
full of milk

The real taste of European ice cream

Millions of customers tested our product in practice and they can confirm its high effectiveness,
easiness in operating, installing
transporting and cleaning as well as very low rate of failures and cheap spare parts.
Therefore, it can be called the best in the world.