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About us

Our strength is the best quality products
and a professional team made up of passionate,
customer-focused people.

Largo is a family business that has been developing with us for 25 years.

We started by creating a network of gastronomy stores, located in northern and central Poland. The next step was to establish direct partnership relations with the best food producers and specialized culinary equipment produced in the EU, and then to expand into Hungary and Germany.

The experience gathered allowed us to start new export operations. Polish products on which we have been working for years have been evolving together with us, getting quality that allows them to competitive on the global market, with low processing and naturalness which is a great asset.

We have become the representative of several unique manufacturers that we are proud to represent, mainly in GCC countries and Asia.

Over 2 decades of cooperation with our producers has made us know and understand all the products that are under our care, we have developed service and training procedures, and most importantly, we enjoy the trust and guarantee every transaction to all parties.

The last stage is to work on our own brands which we create and will promote in the following years.

Our products have a quality that has long sold out most of the world’s manufacturers. Now let’s adapt them to the rules of big trade and we want them to expand into new markets one by one.


highest quality
EU food


to which our
products are




on offer

Our team

Starting with nutrition experts, product technologists who will quickly prepare new products tailored for you, graphic designers and certification and transport specialists.

We are appreciated by our customers for quality, reliability, speed of action and knowledge and experience.